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IT Services for Freelancers

As a freelancer, one of the key aspects of your job is your networking and internet connection. Most businesses require a certain type of internet connection and that the connection is secure. You may find that your day-to-day connection is not enough. When this happens, it is time to contact an IT services technician for different upgrades and services. Here are a few of those services and how they can benefit your work at home office and career.

VPN Networking

If privacy and security are an issue for the type of work you do, then a VPN network connection may be ideal. The VPN networking gives a secure link between your home system and the company's network. It does not require major equipment or electrical work. In fact, the VPN can be set up through software on your end and the business's end or just your end. You can control what information is seen and recorded, and you can maintain login security for various networks. 

Remote Access Points

A remote access point allows you a direct secure connection to the company or business. You can also maintain your private home technology to remain separate from the networking system. There are several IT services and options for this type of connection. For example, you can choose a self instalment or have the IT technician install the necessary items for you. If you choose to have an IT expert or technician handle the installation, they can handle everything from start to finish and show you how to use the new system. 

SD-WAN Networking

If there are more individuals in your home that work remotely for the same company, then an SD-WAN network may be the ideal option. This type of networking allows you control just like the remote access and VPN offer. The key benefit to this IT service is the ability to maintain a separate private connection from the business connection while allowing security and high-speed connection to all of the networked systems. 

When you are ready to upgrade your home office technology and connections, contact your local IT service technician. They can meet with you to discuss the options you need. They can then tell you what options you have, the services that would serve you best, and when they can schedule those services. Before you use any of these IT services, make sure the business you are contracting with allows them.