3 Reasons Why Fibre Optics Is The Better Data Cabling Option Compared To Ethernet Cabling

Internet connectivity is an absolute must-have for any business today, regardless of the industry within which you operate. The internet has indeed changed the way of business, with some companies choosing to completely ditch the brick-and-mortar storefronts and operate as e-commerce platforms. To create an online presence, build and maintain a brand, and connect with potential clients, you're required to have business-class internet connectivity. To have internet connectivity at your business, you will need to have the appropriate network infrastructure, which includes data cables. [Read More]

A Complete Guide on Security Consultants

A security consultant is a person that advises clients regarding their physical, financial, and data security. As such, he or she evaluates the client's current security systems for threats and weaknesses. The consultant then recommends measures to increase the systems' resilience against security threats.  Why do you need a security consultant? Prevent internal theft. The security consultant will help you identify avenues in which staff can use to steal funds from the organisation. [Read More]

Methods for Improving the Performance of Your Business Network

All businesses rely on a good local area network (LAN) these days. Many of these combine the speed of a structured cabling network with the convenience of a wireless-LAN, or WLAN, which is most usually provided by Wi-Fi technology. However, many companies choose to put up with a network which is no longer fit for purpose. More networkable devices are in use in offices than ever before, and this puts a strain on any LAN, especially one that has been running for a while. [Read More]

3 Reasons You Should Choose 3D Over 2D Building Designs

Getting the right building design is an important step in any construction process. This is because it is a physical representation of the ideas that you had. The benefit of these designs is that it gives you the chances to assess the structure and make some changes to ensure that the house suits your needs. Technological advancement has resulted in the shift from 2D to 3D building designs. Below are various reasons why you should choose 3D over 2D building designs. [Read More]