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4 Advantages That Come With C-Mount CCTV Cameras

CCTV camera coverage can greatly improve the security of your business, and there are several types available to meet different needs. C-mount cameras are among the most popular. Sometimes known as 'box cameras', they are relatively large and come equipped with a detachable lens, meaning the field of view can be adjusted at will.

Here are just four reasons to consider C-mount CCTV cameras.

1. Adaptability

The main feature of C-mount CCTV cameras is their ability to change lenses. This means you can fit a special lens that will extend the camera's field of vision far beyond what most cameras can offer. This makes C-mount cameras particularly popular for monitoring long hallways, warehouses, or the approaches to buildings. While added range is a key benefit, you can also find other types of lenses. This means you can switch things up for more specialised surveillance requirements.

2. Visibility

Many business owners assume their CCTV cameras should be hard to spot. After all, criminals will be more likely to get caught when they don't realize they need to conceal themselves. However, it's almost always better for CCTV cameras to be highly visible since this helps prevent criminals from targeting a property in the first place. C-mount cameras are ideal in this regard since they are large and easy to spot. That highly visible appearance helps deter any wrongdoers and shows how seriously you take security.

3. Durability

A CCTV camera that is easy to spot can also be vulnerable to vandalism. However, C-mount cameras boast an extremely rugged casing that makes them very hard to damage. Aside from protecting themselves from wrongdoers, that tough casing means C-mount cameras can cope well with adverse weather conditions. Thanks to their robust weatherproof housing, they can put up with anything from freezing temperatures to driving rain without sustaining damage, making them ideal for outdoor use.

4. Resolution

The fact that C-mount CCTV cameras are relatively large offers benefits beyond visibility and durability. Their size also means that C-mount cameras are able to accommodate larger chips than most other security cameras. That's important since chip size determines how many pixels a camera can capture. The higher the number of pixels, the better the resolution of all captured images will be. Larger chip sets are also good at recording in low-light conditions. Since reliable identification often relies on capturing high-resolution images, especially when license plates need to be picked up, having cameras with large chips only makes sense.

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