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DJing Your Own Party or Event? 3 Tips on Choosing the Music

Are you planning on throwing an event where there will be music and dancing? It can get pretty expensive to hire a DJ, but, you can be your own DJ. All you need is a good playlist, your iPod, and some good gear from an audio equipment hire agency like Fordtronic Video & Sound Pty Ltd.

You don't even need to have any DJ skills. In fact, if you just want to have great music playing all night, all you need to do is create the right playlists, and the music will play on until the event is at an end. Once you have contacted an audio equipment hire agency to rent speakers and other items you will need, you can start to concentrate on the playlists you will be using for the party.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the best music and be known for throwing the most awesome parties.

Pick Music Everyone Likes

If the party you are planning is for family and friends, you will already have a pretty good idea of the type of music they like to listen and dance to. Of course, there will be different tastes throughout the crowd, so it is a good idea to have a great mix of many different types of music, so everyone will be happy. Keep your guests in mind. If the party is for an older crowd, they are not likely to want to hear rap, hip-hop, metal, etc. The point is to keep people on the dance floor and having a good time.

Have More Music than You Need

Make sure that you have plenty of music for the party, so that it is non-stop and doesn't end before the party does. A good idea is to have an hour and a half worth of music for every hour that people will be at the party. This also helps if there are any requests, because with the extra songs, you will be more likely to have what your guests are requesting.

Don't Play the Good Tunes too Early

It is common for many guests to arrive at parties and events a bit late. Don't play all of your best music too early, because not everyone is going to get a chance to hear it. Wait until everyone has shown up, then hit them with the best tunes. Towards the end of the party, start slowing things down with a few waltzes back to back, to let people know that it is time to wind down.