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4 Photocopier Features Every Office Must Have

If you're in the market for a new copier for the office, you want to be sure you take the time to find one that will do more than just make copies. It may not seem like a very important part of your office equipment but a good copier can actually save your company time and money. Consider the features you should look for when shopping for a new copier and why they're so beneficial.

1. Binding

When your office staffs needs to bind reports and presentations, you're paying them for this time. However, a good copier can usually offer a large number of binding options, from heat to spiral binding. Most will also offer a stapling feature but a more advanced copier will also allow you to control the staple location, so you can put three staples along an edge or staple the top center of pages rather than just the top left. All of these features keep your office staff from having to do this, when they could be doing more important work.

2. Laminating

Along with binding, there should be no reason for you office staff to stand around and laminate pages you've just printed. A copier can typically have a laminate feature attached so that it can put pages through this after they're copied, and you can typically program in which pages get laminated so you can copy a large job but only have one or two pages laminated if you wish.

3. Email

In many cases you don't need to provide a paper copy of a document or other report after you've copied it, but some of your office staff may simply need a PDF copy emailed to them. This can save your company money on copy paper and toner for the machine, and many copiers will have an email feature added to them. They are hooked up to the company's intranet or internet and can email a document to anyone inside the office or any email address outside the office.

4. Image editing

A good copier will allow you to add images such as a watermark or trademark symbol to a document as it's being copied, or will allow you to compress images as they're scanned. This too can save your staff time from having to add these symbols to copied documents or their originals, and being able to compress pictures can also save on toner as they are not as dark.

Remember to ask about these features when shopping for a new copier. They'll make your office work easier and in some cases, more cost-effective. For more information, contact a company like Domain Technologies.