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Install These Non-Electronic Features To Revitalise Your Office

The modern world is a largely electronic one. Every year, more and more activities and processes are being digitised. In many cases, this is an improvement – certain aspects of business (especially accounting and administration) have significantly benefited from the technological revolution.

However, there are certain things that remain far more effective in their offline form. Here's how installing the following non-electronic features in your office or place of business can yield significant benefits.

Have a Pinboard/Noticeboard

Most offices rely on e-mail to deliver the majority of their news and notifications. This works fine for important, business-related notices. However, the failure of email (particularly in large offices with a lot of employees) is in getting across recreational/personal news.

The problem lies with how people naturally approach online content. Namely, they skim. The majority of webpages are never read in full. Likewise, a lot of emails remain unopened based purely on the subject line. The subject line tells you how important the email is; you'll definitely open a memo from your boss, while that notice outlining a charity event hosted by a co-worker will probably get ignored.

Having a physical noticeboard makes office-specific news easy to display. From an employee hosting a party to someone looking for a new roommate, having the message physically displayed has two main benefits.

  1. The notice remains visible for as long as necessary. If you're having a party next month, simply putting up a bulletin with the details will keep it displayed much longer than an email. Any email you send will be buried under new emails within a day, while the notice stays up as long as you want.
  2. It inspires conversation. If something interesting is occurring, often you will see people discussing the event in question around the noticeboard. A crowd inevitably draws more people in, further spreading the news in an effective and social way.

A Conference/Meeting Room with a Whiteboard

These days, presentations are given using a laptop and a projector. While this is certainly much more effective than a hand-made slideshow, it has unfortunately resulted in many office meeting rooms lacking a large whiteboard.

When it comes to brainstorming, particularly in a group setting, a whiteboard remains the most effective tool. New ideas can be written out in large letters. Concept maps and illustrations can be done and redone with ease.

A whiteboard is the ultimate visual tool for getting an idea across. While you can certainly convey textual ideas through electronic means, anything that requires an image – for example logo design – is infinitely more convenient to draw up on a whiteboard.

No matter how advanced technology gets, no matter how many daily activities are taken over by electronic means, sometimes you just have to do things the old-school way. For more information, contact a business such as Vista Visuals Australia Pty Ltd.