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How Data Cable Installers Ensure that the Safety of Building Occupants Isn't Compromised

Data cables can be a safety hazard if not handled professionally during the installation process. Data cable installers use several techniques to ensure that the safety of the occupants of a building will not be compromised. This article discusses some of the techniques that commercial electricians use to ensure that your commercial premises will remain safe from risks like rapid spread of fires during a fire outbreak.

Use of Different Data Cables in Different Locations

Commercial electricians use different kinds of data cables in different parts of the building in order to limit safety risks. For instance, plenum cables are used in the roof or ceiling since these cables are extremely fire resistant and will give off minimal amounts of smoke in the event that they catch fire. This protects you because you and the tenants of your commercial premises will be safe from the noxious fumes that would have made you suffocate if inferior data cables had been used. Plenum cables prevent fire from rapidly spreading from one room or floor to another since they take very long to catch fire.

Attaching Data Cabling to Permanent Building Structures

Another way commercial electricians avoid compromising your safety is to attach data cables to permanent structures of the building. For instance, riser cables (cables running from the floor to the ceiling or roof) are attached to external walls so that once a hazard like a fire outbreak occurs, they remain fixed to that wall instead of falling onto the people who are struggling to escape from that fire. Riser cables normally fall on building occupants if the wires are attached to temporary building structures like makeshift walls (such as those made from plywood or soft boards) so attaching them to permanent structures reduces this added danger.

Keeping Data Cabling Far from Water Pipes

Commercial electricians also limit the risks you may suffer by installing data cabling far from water pipes like sprinkler piping. This deliberate step is taken in order to reduce the likelihood of you, or any building occupant, being electrocuted in case there is an electrical malfunction that results in the low-voltage power in the data cabling flowing through the water pipe and electrocuting the person using a water fixture like a toilet faucet.

The examples above illustrate how much the actions of data cable installers are governed by safety considerations. You should therefore rest assured that every precaution will be taken to ensure that safety is not compromised when data cables are installed in your commercial building. For more information, contact a business such as J.A.G. Power & Data Solutions.