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3 Reasons Why Fibre Optics Is The Better Data Cabling Option Compared To Ethernet Cabling

Internet connectivity is an absolute must-have for any business today, regardless of the industry within which you operate. The internet has indeed changed the way of business, with some companies choosing to completely ditch the brick-and-mortar storefronts and operate as e-commerce platforms.

To create an online presence, build and maintain a brand, and connect with potential clients, you're required to have business-class internet connectivity. To have internet connectivity at your business, you will need to have the appropriate network infrastructure, which includes data cables.

When it comes to data cabling, you have two options, namely Ethernet and fibre optic cabling. The latter is the more popular data cabling choice for many businesses, owing to several advantages over Ethernet cabling.  Here is a look at three main reasons why you should think of fibre optic when considering the right type of cabling for your business's internet connectivity.

1. It Is Faster

Signal transmission is much faster with fibre optics than with Ethernet data cabling. Fibre optic can deliver speeds of up to 1 terabyte/second. Internet speed is especially important for a business that uses cloud-based applications and needs to upload and download large files to and from the cloud.

Fibre internet can also be delivered on a dedicated line to serve all your business internet needs, so you won't ever have to worry about the activity of other users slowing down your internet connectivity as is the case with Ethernet.

2. It Is More Reliable

Of the two data cabling options, fibre optics is more reliable because it is highly resistant to electromagnetic interference and damage by inclement weather. Stalled data transmission and internet downtime will be the least of your concerns with this reliable data cabling option.

3. It Is More Secure

Ethernet data cabling uses electrical signals to transmit data. These signals, unlike the light signals used in fibre optics, are very susceptible to interception. Fibre optics is more secure and poses a greater challenge for cyber criminals looking to exploit any vulnerabilities and gain unauthorised access into your network.

Cybersecurity threat management, therefore, becomes a very crucial element to look into if you are using Ethernet cables in your business. To keep your client information and other sensitive material well secure, you may want to consider making a switch on your data cabling.

As a business, you stand to benefit a lot from a fast, secure and reliable internet connectivity. Fortunately, fibre optics delivers on all fronts. Talk to a company such as One Step Ahead Communications to learn more.